Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy 37!

Whew! We have made it to 37 now! Aug 14 was our anniversary and we had such a sweet time celebrating. I get 7 paid vacation days this year so we only took two days off and drove down to Lehi to Thanksgiving Point and saw Brian Regan at the amphitheater there. What an absolute beautiful place! After walking through unbelievable gardens, we came into the amphitheater. The stage sits at the bottom of a grassy hill and situated behind the stage, is a tall rock face with 3 waterfalls coming down. I just couldn't get over the amount of trees they have planted in that place.
As for Brian Regan, well, let me just say he can make you laugh. If you don't believe me, look him up on youtube. He captures the everyday funny situations we all go through and puts his weird twist on them -(and he does it all without uttering one swear word).
We spent the night at the Marriott there and did some shopping the next day before we went home.
I find that as I get older I can recognize the magical moments in my life as I'm going through them - I don't have to wait years, look back and think, that was fun, why didn't I enjoy it more?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

J.T - It's a Little Thing

James Taylor was in Salt Lake City last night and Kate and I went to spend an absolutely wonderful evening listening to one of our favorite singers. I had seen him in concert a few years before and last night was just as entertaining as I remembered. He of course sang all our favorites - but had such a great back up band with horns, fiddles, organ, accordian and harmony singers that even the old classics sounded new and the new songs were great!
We sat on the lawn and were able to spread out a bit - I don't think I would ever want to sit in seats again.
As I was listening to this amazing music and all his off the cuff remarks to the audience that made us laugh, I knew that this was one of those small moments I would remember for a long time - one of those 'little things' we choose to do that make life a little sweeter.