Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fun Stuff from California

I tried not to buy too much while there, because I only had one suitcase to haul it home in. Isn't this darling? It's in my office/craft room and is holding some paper punches for scrapbooking. Marta had bought it awhile back for me.

This is on a shelf in my office/craft room. My aunt found out from Marta that I love milk glass and gave me the small ruffled one, along with a bud vase. I LOVE it! Marta also gave me a ruffled candy dish.

Do you remember her? On the way to the airport -we stopped in again and I took her home. I don't know why she makes me smile- she just does.

I had seen these on ebay - but the antique store sold me this one at half price - and I didn't have to pay shipping.
The reason I like this one so much is that it looks just like my mom's - now my daughter's.

Sorry this is sideways. Marta had bought this mouse pad kit and had an extra that she gave me.

So easy. I think they plan on you either using a photo for the mat or a computer graphic - but....

I used fabric

Matches my curtains

This is Marta's. It matches her curtains.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More of Marta's House-The Family Room

This is in the front hallway and is a quilt crane that her talented hubby made. She gave him a picture of one and...he went into the garage and made this for her!!!
I made that quilt for her a lonnnng time ago.

Same thing here-- picture, garage,... ta-da!

I love this little cupboard.

The cupboard is another hubby see, hubby do project.
I made the spring wall hanging.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Backyard Mine Wants to be When It Grows Up!

We had to go to Lowe's one day and it made me drool just looking at the pretty flowers. When I had left Utah just 5 days before, we had just gotten over a dump of snow.
It really made me antsy to get digging in the dirt. In the meantime, though, I could look at Marta's backyard.

Golden Slumbers

I may frame this one!

Double petunias.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Marta Stewart's House! - The Sewing/Craft Room

No, her last name is really not Stewart -- but Martha would be right at home at Marta's! This is the red and white craft room...

The is the L-shape work space in the sewing area. The other side has a cricket machine for scrapbooking and stuff.

The room has a child's theme to it and these curtains fit right in - don't you think? (she made these)

The clock started out aqua until the spray can lady got to it!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Reason I Came-Hillview Acres

Here we are at last - The Tea!This is us and our table. We did pretty good considering we live 800 miles apart and coordinated everything over the phone and internet!

These are the gals at our table. (all Marta's daughters). Don't they look cheery in their aprons?

Marta is so clever. Our theme was 1950's kitchen and the inspiration was my quilt with it's many colors. She bought the 'chargers' on line, the napkins were really dishcloths, the napkin rings were measuring spoons and our tea cups were red mugs. The name card holders were small rolling pins that her hubby fixed for us by flattening the bottom and cutting a slit for the name cards (which can be used later for recipe cards-which she printed on her computer and placed a set in each person's apron pocket as a favor)

The centerpiece was an old wire milk bottle carrier she spayed red filled with old milk bottles and daisies. The cute water glasses were found at a dollar store.

Oh, Lemon Curd - wonderful! We were served scones as part of the luncheon and it was suggested that we bring our own curd. Have you ever tried this stuff? It is like spreading lemon pie filling onto shortbread, but a little tarter. I'll post the recipe later.

We served it in baby food jars that she sprayed red.


Each of her chargers had a scripture reference printed on it.

Patriotic Bears

My favorite - a cupcake table!

One of these hats was worn by the hostess's mom on her wedding day in 1956.

The Bears again.

The table with the Scripture chargers.

I loved the colors on this one.

A little about the charity...

Hillview Acres is a home for children who have been taken from the family situation and sent there to live. The circumstances must be pretty grim for that to happen. They provide a safe learning environment where these children can learn to trust and be children once again. They raised almost $30,000 last year through this tea and I hope they hit the mark again. They held a raffle and I actually won a basket of goodies! I got earrings, a bracelet and a gift certificate to Coldwater Creek. Very fun!

Thought You Caught Me--Well, Read On!

Isn't this just the most decadent thing you have EVER seen? It's called Strawberry Light and is from The Thinnery Bakery in Upland.

Almost there!

And yes, I did eat it all -thank you very much!

Oh, did I mention this has only 200 Calories???!!! And believe me, it tastes as good as it looks.

Here I am in California!

I got here last Wednesday to visit Marta! We are involved in a charity for a Childrens' Home and I'm actually here for the charity tea--(more on that at a later date).
The first thing we did was go to a local antique mall - so fun! Just wanted to share some photos and take a walk down memory lane. Hey-maybe I should buy some of that - Memory I mean! When I grew up in California and anytime we took a road trip - we made sure we had one of these strapped to the front grill of the car -I guess they didn't make radiators like they do now??
This was Marta's find - she loves bowls.

I didn't buy him - I just thought it was darling

Same with her - although I'm really tempted to go back after her. This is a wall pocket for flowers, I guess. Wouldn't it be cute to decorate a baby girl's room with? (no announcements, in fact, it would be a miracle of medical science if it were!)

This vignette is outside the store and I thought this photo would look cute in my rec room. Maybe I'll enlarge it when I get home.

My Grampa had a Nash -(this is a Nash by the way) I acutally think they are kinda cute cars.

I LOVE metal signs and have quite a few hanging on the walls of our rec room -maybe not this many - but a lot!

Do you remember these neat toys? My boy cousin had a little car and I just loved it!

As always, I had a wonderful day with Marta!