Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Mint Chocolate Goodness

I found this recipe on All and it is wonderful!  Very Very rich, but you only live once -right?


1 pkg chocolate fudge cake mix with pudding
1/ 2 c. butter softened
3 -8oz pkgs softened cream cheese
1-16 oz can cream cheese frosting
3 eggs
6 or more drops green food coloring (I used 10)
1 tsp. peppermint extract (or drops of creme de minthe)
1 pkg. semi sweet morsels
1 4.67 oz box of Andes mints


1.       Preheat oven to 325 degrees F (165 degrees C).

2.       Beat cake mix and butter with an electric mixer on low speed in a bowl until crumbly, 3 to 5 minutes. Set aside 1 cup for topping.

3.      Press remaining crumb mixture into bottom of an ungreased 9x13 inch pan.

4.       Place in preheated oven and bake until edges begin to crisp, about 10 minutes. Remove from the oven and cool slightly.

5.       Beat cream cheese and frosting with an electric mixer on medium speed in a bowl until smooth, 3 to 5 minutes.

6.      Pour in 6 drops green food coloring, (or more for a darker color -I used 10) beat until color is blended, about 2 minutes.

7.       Beat in peppermint extract until thoroughly blended, about 2 minutes. Taste and add more flavoring if needed. (I used 1 ½ tsp.)

8.       Drop eggs one at a time into the cream cheese mixture and beat until blended, 2 to 3 minutes

9.      Pour batter over the chocolate crust in the 9x13 pan.

10.   Sprinkle 1 cup reserved crumb mixture over cheesecake batter.

11.  Top with 1 cup chocolate chips- reserve remaining morsels for finishing touches.

12.   Place the pan in the preheated oven and bake until set, 42 to 45 minutes.

13.   Remove pan from oven and cool completely.

14.   Cover and refrigerate until chilled, at least 2 hours.

15.   Pour reserved chocolate chips into a small microwave-safe measuring cup with a spout. Microwave morsels in 45 second intervals; stir until completely melted and smooth. Add a spoonful of shortening to thin, if needed.

16.   Pour melted chocolate into a resealable plastic bag. (Hint:  place a Ziploc sandwich baggie over a jar and secure with a rubberband –then you can pour the chocolate easily)

17.   Clip a small bottom corner of the bag. Gently squeezing the bag, drizzle melted chocolate over the cooled cake through the clipped corner.

18.  Cut cake into bars to serve.

These are really, really rich, so cut them small, but they are delicious!