Monday, December 14, 2009

LOVE Cookies!

I have always loved cookies. I have been itching to make those pretty little spritz cookies you see at Christmastime, so I went to the store and bought new 'c' batteries for the cookie press that's been sitting in my drawer for years, came home, popped them in, and NOTHING. I looked up my model on the internet and 20 out of 20 said it was a piece of cookie junk. So the hunt was on. I ended up at Sur La Table in Salt Lake and bought this one - no batteries, just cookie makin mama power - and these are what I ended up with....
This press is a ratchet style -meaning that it has a trigger and with each click you get a cookie, a perfect cookie.

This is the flower or star or snowflake disc.

This is what you get with the flower/star/snowflake disc.

These have been baked

This is what I got from ONE recipe! They are buttery deliciousness and kind of naked I admit, but scrumptous still.
You seriously can't stop at just one, very, very bad for the weight watchers goal.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Projects

These are some of the Christmas projects I've been so busy with. I'm not worried about the giftees seeing these because the little nativity pillows are to be opened before Christmas anyway. Happy Christmas Marta - I'll get them in the mail tomorrow.
This is for Katie - but she NEVER reads my blog so I'm not worried.

These are for the girlees-there's actually one more, but I finished it after taking the picture. The crocheted flowers were so much fun to learn. I learned it from reading a blog called She is a wonderful teacher and generously shares her talents. Definitely worth a visit.

My computer wasn't talking to my camera until tonight so I haven't been able to post any pictures. I don't like blogging without pictures!