Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Guess I'm getting spring fever already

This was taken in Iowa at a really pretty outdoor shop.  I actually bought a bread box similar in hopes I could plant it.  It's still in the garage waiting.  I think it will look cherry on my back deck this summer.  Sigh...

Can't wait for green grass

I have been gone for so long, but it's because for some reason, it takes me FOREVER to upload pictures to the blog anymore.  I need my I.T. son in law to come over and check it all out.  
Since I was able to get these 2 pics in, I thought I would share while I can...
These were taken at the outdoor quilt show in Eureka, Montana this summer.  You can't go much farther north than Eureka and still wave the red, white and blue.  In fact, it's 7 miles to the border.  Closest we've ever come to leaving the country.  
My kids took a trip a few years back and were in Idaho at the border and thought it would be fun to say they had been to Canada.  The border patrol didn't think it was so funny, but the kids in the back seat did!

WHOOOO Doesn't Like Cupcakes!

I don't know the pinterest etiquette, but I found these on their site and thought they were so cute.  Beats me to know how to figure out whooos (couldn't resist) original idea they are - so I can't give anyone credit.  It's chocolate cupcakes with oreo cookie halves for eyes and brown M&M's for the pupils, and an orange one set on-end for the beak.

Easy and super cute!