Friday, March 27, 2015


I haven't posted anything in such a long time but it used to be fun.  Maybe I'll get in 'the mood' again and once again, think it's fun.  Anyway, we are moving after 26 years being rooted in this house, neighborhood and little town.  The thing I am dreading most is the town we are leaving.  I will make friends in the next house, and a house is a house, but the town... that's something else.

I thought I would be a good girl and not buy a new dining set.  The table is in great shape, but the chairs were dated.  I bought new chairs on Overstock (still in boxes) I'll post them when they are put together -2 weeks tops! yeah right.

So here are pictures of the remake on the table.  I am pretty happy with the results but not ecstatic.
Original table.  I think everyone in the world has had a version of this claw foot table with pressed back chairs at one time or another.

First coat of Milk Paint

2nd coat - isn't it pretty?  Such a smooth finish.

Well, this is the table with the glaze on it.  This picture really doesn't show just how ugly it came out.  I wish I had never heard of glaze.  Anyway, it was just too brown looking.

A closeup of the pedestal with the brown glaze.

I took about 45 minutes and sanded the whole thing down.  I like it much better.  I may purchase some wax to rub on it and give it a pretty sheen - since my sanding pretty much eliminated it.  A word to the wise=if you use the milk paint and glaze combo, just be sparse on the glaze if you want it more white than brown.