Monday, July 21, 2008

2 Chips off the Old....

We got together last night at Katie's house and my two genius kids starting swapping stories. It wasn't a more typical situation of sibling rivalry -one trying to top the other with feats of accomplishments. Oh no, these two told us of some of their rather 'less than fabulous' talents (something their clutsy mother can definitely relate to).

Andy started the evening with the "Lunch Time Pick-Up Game". He was eating his lunch in his car at the local park when he noticed a group of highly unusual friends playing a game of basketball. As he watched them, he wondered if they belonged to some weird kind of club or something, because they were all eight of them, left handed! "I don't think I've ever seen 8 left handed basketball players all at once playing together!". He was so intrigued, he got on the cell phone and called his good friend, Cake, (unusual nickname, uh?) and told him of this X-Files phenomenom. "Are you watching them in your rear-view mirror?" "Well, yeah". "Everything's in reverse!!!"
---Now he has to wonder on the odds of 8 people playing together all being right handed -eerie.

Kate got a new cell phone last week. Her hubby was nice enough to program it for her with all the new features her old phone didn't have. (by the way, the old phone died when someone washed and dried it in the Maytag). Anyway, as she was walking in Kohls, she noticed they were playing James Taylor on the overheads, which she thought was a nice touch compared to the normal fare of horrible girl singers. As she moved through the store, James Taylor followed her - even to the parking lot. Wow, they pipe the same music outside - what a nice touch!
--As she got into the kitchen, James started crooning again and that's when she realized her new phone with the James Taylor ring tone had been ringing off the hook all morning!

Next one: Kate was once again in the store - this time the grocery store. And once again the cell phone was involved. As she walked down the aisle with the phone in hand, she all of a sudden started doing a 'moon walk' - she was slipping and sliding all over! She demonstrated her 'moves' last night with her arms flapping and legs flayed out almost to the splits. She looked down and saw the BIG RED CONE marked CAUTION - WET FLOOR.
--Of course, it was even worse than a wet floor - it was coated with a film of soap!

Last, but not least: Jason had to go to the store to pick up some little item and while walking down the aisle found himself all of a sudden, slipping, sliding and doing the splits. He looked down and saw the BIG RED CONE marked CAUTION -WET FLOOR. 2 in one day - I wonder if the store management sits in the office watching these klutzes dancing in their aisles?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's A Little Thing

I got to thinking that a blog can be a form of journal writing and so I plan on having this feature pop up regularly. It's my way of keeping track of those moments in life that may be little but can mean so much!
Yesterday was a great day. Jason's 'little' brother, Matt was married in the Salt Lake Temple yesterday. The hubby and I were invited to attend the luncheon held after in the unbelievably beautiful Joseph Smith Building across from the Temple grounds. I had gone down early in the morning to bring Kate and Jason's kids to them for pictures. As I was standing there watching the photographer get shots of extended family, Matt motioned to me to get into the group. It was a small gesture, but it made me feel happy that he considers me a kind of in-law relation.
Jason and Kate started dating in high school and Matt was oftentimes the chaperone and quite often came to our house to help eat the food. He is a wonderful kid and will make a great husband and dad.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fun in Farmington

Our little Farmington has a big party this time of the year to celebrate it's heritage. We started this year a little early-- 6:30 am! Actually, Katie started early with the 10-K race. I was so proud of her - I can't imagine even walking 6 miles - let alone running!
After that, we had breakfast in the park and then came back at 10 am for the annual parade.

It's a strictly home town affair - a little corny but at the same time, very patriotic. Probably the highlight of my summers. I remember the year following 9/11 when everyone stood up at attention when the fire trucks passed. You couldn't help but cry. There was another year when they had just finished battling a blaze on our mountainside and literally saved our homes for us. We all stood up and cheered them down the street. (unknown at the time, they would again come to our rescue when another blaze started the very next year)

Another of my favorite entries in our parades are the high school marching bands. The horns and drums just get my heart going!

At night we returned to the Main City Park and watched some live music acts perform. There were fireworks, but Mr. Matthew was very, very tired and just wasn't going to make it to 10 pm, so, much to his sisters' displeasure, we went home.

I LOVE July!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Cousins Camp - Groovy!

Well, Cousins Camp was a success! The girls were so excited that I think they drove their parents buggy on the day of. We made lots of crafts to go along with our theme - Happy 4th of July. We made pinwheels, American eagle sack puppets, Uncle Sam door hangers and red, white, blue tissue paper flowers.

We had so much fun that I think we'll make this a tradition. After all, I know there will come a time when going to Grammas won't be the exciting, fun activity it is now. So, we'll try to milk it as long as it lasts!