Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wind Storm 2011

I know that people have had worse natural disasters than this, but we got winds in our county that hit 100+ mph. Everyone had some damage but others' really lost alot. One of the things that impressed me was the mobilization of each neighborhood in helping neighbors cut down trees and hauling it away. The next lesson I took away was the fact that we are NEVER prepared for this kind of thing. We lost power for 12 hours and my kids were without power for over 24 hours. We have flashlights and a fireplace so we were warm and could see a little. But I know that I need more in the way of emergency goods to keep us going. You would see yards like this over and over. We just lost a fence and felt lucky.

It looks like they lost half of the house!

Anyone who had vinyl privacy fences ended up with this.

This was just one of the hundreds of trees lost. This had been a HUGE tree in their front yard. It's kinda hard to tell, but this root system is bigger than my Sonata.

At the Walmart

One of several semis down on the Frontage Rd along I-15 - you should have seen the freeway!

There is an family at the bottom of my street who has lived here for probably 60 years. Their blue spruce is a county landmark because for years they climb up this 30 footer and string Christmas lights on it. You can see it for miles. It didn't survive this storm. They have a sign on it now to ask not to cut it. They plan on cutting it up and giving pieces away to children, grand children and great grand children.