Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Organization Bliss

My old cutting table finally gave up the ghost.  It literally was standing on it's last leg!  The bolts I had used to hold it all together just finally gave out.  It really took a long time for me to find what I wanted.  Joann's was really of no use, because they just carry the same kind of thing I had just taken to the dump.  So I got to thinking about Sauder furniture.  You have to put their furniture together, but may be they would build something for me for a cost.  We went to their store in Ogden and found a kitchen cart.  It was a pretty, soft green, but I really wanted white.  The only other color was gray, and that wasn't going to work, so I bought the green--and I'm so glad I did.  It actually looks great in the sewing room -green and all...

This is the back but it's the side that you see when you walk in the room. Lots of storage and it's on rollers.

I LOVE this feature, it is supposed to be for kitchen tools, but I use it to store my rulers.

This is the pretty side, but it's the side with drawers -perfect for rotary cutters, scissors, etc.  I haven't found a use for the big door area yet but I think it might be a good place for large bulky items, like batting.

Anyway, I'm really glad we bought this and the price was good, it was under $300.00 -a bit more cuz we had them put it together.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Farmington Quilt Show

What a beautiful day! Quilts, friends and beautiful surroundings.
A group of Farmington women held a quilt show in the park and gave the entrance proceeds to charity that will provide single women a chance at a college education.  Here are a few of the 200 quilts that were on display...

Chickens! By Pat Fuller (a new friend found today)

This is a Quilt Soup Pattern -Love the applique and colors the quilter picked-by Mary Silver

Another one by Mary Silver

I just LOVE this!-Really makes a statement-by Sherri Gowans

Quilted by a neighbor-Lisa White

#1. Wonky Fall  I absolutely love this series and am trying to find the patterns on the net.

#2 Wonky America

#3 Wonky Fall 
I like the colors in this one - but don't think I would like to attempt all these little squares!
This belongs to my neighbor, long arm quilter and friend-Laurel Bain.  There are no set-in seams.

This is Laurel Bain's.  She got it back east and is Civil War era.  I can't believe the quilting on this.  It's so small you do a double take thinking it's by machine!
Made by my friend, Becky Toone

Another one by Becky

We heard this one was recently valued at $14,000.

Does this one look familiar Marta?

I liked this one for the back..

Back of the previous one.  Makes you think about those panels you don't know what to do with.