Thursday, August 18, 2011

Welcome Neighbor

New neighbors just moved in and I wanted to bring something over when we introduced ourselves but I wanted to offer something other than a plate of cookies. I found these address pages on Go to August 23 2010 for the downloadable pages. They inspired me to make this little address book (it's a 6x6 ring binder by Bo Bunny)

Since I made the tabs too small for labels I had to number them and create a table of contents. You could remedy this easily by making your tabs bigger and typing the labels on the computer and then

adhering them to your tabs.

I put places of interest I thought might be helpful to someone from out of the area, such as restaurants, good repairmen, unique shopping, etc.
Really fun~!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Home Again

We needed additional seating for the dreaded formal living room and I found these last week at a shop in Salt Lake called Home Again. I LOVE this store. They take old stuff and re-purpose it for a new life.
(by the way, I call it the 'dreaded' formal living room cuz the only time it's ever used is if I want to take a phone call away from the tv, or someone special drops in). It's pretty much a useless room.--useless, but pretty.