Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Organization Bliss

My old cutting table finally gave up the ghost.  It literally was standing on it's last leg!  The bolts I had used to hold it all together just finally gave out.  It really took a long time for me to find what I wanted.  Joann's was really of no use, because they just carry the same kind of thing I had just taken to the dump.  So I got to thinking about Sauder furniture.  You have to put their furniture together, but may be they would build something for me for a cost.  We went to their store in Ogden and found a kitchen cart.  It was a pretty, soft green, but I really wanted white.  The only other color was gray, and that wasn't going to work, so I bought the green--and I'm so glad I did.  It actually looks great in the sewing room -green and all...

This is the back but it's the side that you see when you walk in the room. Lots of storage and it's on rollers.

I LOVE this feature, it is supposed to be for kitchen tools, but I use it to store my rulers.

This is the pretty side, but it's the side with drawers -perfect for rotary cutters, scissors, etc.  I haven't found a use for the big door area yet but I think it might be a good place for large bulky items, like batting.

Anyway, I'm really glad we bought this and the price was good, it was under $300.00 -a bit more cuz we had them put it together.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Farmington Quilt Show

What a beautiful day! Quilts, friends and beautiful surroundings.
A group of Farmington women held a quilt show in the park and gave the entrance proceeds to charity that will provide single women a chance at a college education.  Here are a few of the 200 quilts that were on display...

Chickens! By Pat Fuller (a new friend found today)

This is a Quilt Soup Pattern -Love the applique and colors the quilter picked-by Mary Silver

Another one by Mary Silver

I just LOVE this!-Really makes a statement-by Sherri Gowans

Quilted by a neighbor-Lisa White

#1. Wonky Fall  I absolutely love this series and am trying to find the patterns on the net.

#2 Wonky America

#3 Wonky Fall 
I like the colors in this one - but don't think I would like to attempt all these little squares!
This belongs to my neighbor, long arm quilter and friend-Laurel Bain.  There are no set-in seams.

This is Laurel Bain's.  She got it back east and is Civil War era.  I can't believe the quilting on this.  It's so small you do a double take thinking it's by machine!
Made by my friend, Becky Toone

Another one by Becky

We heard this one was recently valued at $14,000.

Does this one look familiar Marta?

I liked this one for the back..

Back of the previous one.  Makes you think about those panels you don't know what to do with.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Sometimes I just live with things I have come to hate.  Like our entry hallway off our garage.  This is the door we use to get into the house 99% of the time, and it was way overdue for a paint job.  The walls were stenciled (can we say 90's?) and badly scuffed from years of neglect.  Anyway, I had finally had enough.

BEFORE-you can't see them but those stenciled patterns are under that white paint

Pretty yellow paint.

I had the hardest time getting the baseboards off-I needed to because I planned on putting up beadboard.  The tiler had just tiled and grouted up to the baseboards so I had to chisel a line through the grout to get them loose.  Oh man, this was really hard!!  I couldn't get enough leverage in one part.  It was loose, but wouldn't come off...

AN IDEA!!-This shovel should give me the leverage I need-right?

WELL...Maybe not so much.  Oh boy, WHAT HAVE I DONE?  Good thing I have paneling sitting in the garage -right?


It looks so cherry and clean now.  Hooks for coats and basket for gloves and hats.  I may want to buy a small cushion so we don't scratch the bench.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Guess I'm getting spring fever already

This was taken in Iowa at a really pretty outdoor shop.  I actually bought a bread box similar in hopes I could plant it.  It's still in the garage waiting.  I think it will look cherry on my back deck this summer.  Sigh...

Can't wait for green grass

I have been gone for so long, but it's because for some reason, it takes me FOREVER to upload pictures to the blog anymore.  I need my I.T. son in law to come over and check it all out.  
Since I was able to get these 2 pics in, I thought I would share while I can...
These were taken at the outdoor quilt show in Eureka, Montana this summer.  You can't go much farther north than Eureka and still wave the red, white and blue.  In fact, it's 7 miles to the border.  Closest we've ever come to leaving the country.  
My kids took a trip a few years back and were in Idaho at the border and thought it would be fun to say they had been to Canada.  The border patrol didn't think it was so funny, but the kids in the back seat did!

WHOOOO Doesn't Like Cupcakes!

I don't know the pinterest etiquette, but I found these on their site and thought they were so cute.  Beats me to know how to figure out whooos (couldn't resist) original idea they are - so I can't give anyone credit.  It's chocolate cupcakes with oreo cookie halves for eyes and brown M&M's for the pupils, and an orange one set on-end for the beak.

Easy and super cute!